Substitute Directory

Contact information of members available as substitute organist, choir director, organist/director, or vocalist.

Available Anytime

Peggy BeVille
(727) 726-8457
(727) 403-8166 [Cell]
Cheryl Brouette
(727) 453-0317
Grayce Hillman
Organist or Organist/Director or Vocalist
(727) 642-7322
Roberta Hoopes
Choir Director
(727) 442-8333
Matt Lancaster
(727) 313-5129
Dr. Linda Pointer
Organist or Organist/Director
(727) 441-1099
Mark Prater
Organist or Organist/Director
(727) 536-2698
Dr. Sandra Rogers
Organist or Organist/Director or Vocalist
(727) 560-2376

(excluding Sunday mornings)

Stephen Allen
(813) 968-7095
Tom Huffman
(727) 409-8726

Please send updates or corrections for this list to Placement Coordinator Priscilla Ortoski by calling (727) 457-1107 or emailing

Note: Inclusion in this list does not constitute the Chapter’s endorsement of skills, and thus it encourages interviews with all prospective substitutes.