Dean’s Message

I want to begin my term by acknowledging that many of you don’t know me very well, and so I look forward to getting to know each of you better. I imagine we do have a lot in common. Many of us can sing by memory two or three verses of most of the hymns in our hymnal, and we even have the page numbers memorized for a lot of them. None of us ever have enough practice time, and then when we finally get to sit down on the bench, the cell phone rings three times and several people walk by having loud conversations as if we are the ones inconveniencing them!

Nevertheless, what we do every week is some of the most wonderful and meaningful and holy work that anyone is privileged to do. We minister to all ages, in times of joy and times of sadness. We are the ones who make the magic happen all year long in worship, and especially on high holy days. This AGO chapter exists as a way for us to support each other as we continue to uphold the amazing history and impact of organ and choral music. Thank you so much for your continued membership and participation in our chapter, regional and national events. My thanks as well to each person who has accepted a position on the board, and my apologies to our past-dean, Stephen Allen, for all the questions I will have to ask him this coming year! May God bless our work together.

Bradley Swope