As summer draws to a close, we are looking forward to two events in the coming weeks. The first is our 2nd annual Virtual PipeScreams concert. We are still hoping for 6-8 more performers for our concert. Tom Hoehn and I will be handling all recording and video production so that the concert has a consistent look. We are happy to travel to your church or home to record. The video will be uploaded ahead of time and released for “live” viewing on October 29 at 7pm on both Facebook and we will welcome donations through our Chapter PayPal account. All recordings must be completed by October 20.

Our November event is something brand new for our chapter. On Friday, November 19, we will drive just up the road to Gainesville and participate in an organ crawl with members from the St. Petersburg chapter. We are planning to arrange a carpool using either church or rental vans. We will visit First Presbyterian (C.B. Fisk, III/52) and Holy Trinity Episcopal (Visser-Rowland, III/65). Following a Dutch treat lunch at a downtown restaurant, we will tour the four organs on the campus of the University of Florida, including the five-manual organ in the University Auditorium.

As we all know by now, plans like these can change on a whim. Stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks!

Shawn Thomas, Dean