Sumer is icumen in! I remember the catchy English canon from my Music History 1 medieval listening exam. It’s true this time of year. Summer has arrived, maybe not on the calendar, but by all accounts. Easter Day is behind us, the choir folders are getting noticeably thinner, and the traffic starts speeding up as we see fewer license plates from Connecticut, Indiana, and Quebec. The ‘dog days’ are moving in quickly. As our church music programs wind down, your Clearwater AGO board is getting ramped up. What programs would you like to see this upcoming year? Has anything inspired you lately?

Elizabeth George

I’m looking forward to our June 11 gathering at St. Anne of Grace Episcopal Church. Our National AGO Chief Membership Officer, Elizabeth George, will be flying in just to attend our end-of-season gathering “Sizzling Summer Shades and Swells”. She is not only installing officers, but will bring us an encouraging word as we continue our duty as cultivators and creators of organ and choral music. Our colleagues from Tampa and St. Petersburg Chapters are invited, and many have already let me know they’ll be making the trek to our neck of the woods. I hope you will, too!

Shawn Thomas, Dean