Necessity Is the Mother of Invention

In the midst of these trying times, our chapter has made some excellent improvements that will benefit us in the future. We now have a YouTube channel in addition to our Facebook page. Please hit the red “subscribe” button on the YouTube page where you watched Pipescreams so we can increase our number of subscribers. If we reach 100 subscribers, we will be able to lift some restrictions on our current YouTube page. We also have a “donate” button on our website now. It was necessary for us to set up these new things in order to have a virtual Pipescreams. They will continue to serve us well as we post more content online.

As I write this, our Pipescreams video has 160 views on Facebook and 125 views on YouTube. We have received $51 in donations so far, as well as a few excellent comments from those who watched. I am grateful to the performers, our chapter officers and our chapter webmaster, Christopher Huffman, for all the work they put into Pipescreams. Let’s pray we are back to an in-person Pipescreams next year!

Bradley Swope, Dean

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