From the Dean

On Saturday, January 25, our Clearwater Chapter workshop, led by the exceptionally talented conductor, Dr. Lei Ray Yu, was informative, fun, challenging and filled with great music – from chant to Rutter and Britten. Time went quickly during the four hour workshop which covered many topics. A special guest that morning was Elizabeth George, the AGO Director of Member Engagement and Chapter Development. Afterward, she told us she hoped Ray would be able to lead a conducting workshop at a regional or national AGO convention in the future. We are fortunate to have such an experienced conductor as a new member of our chapter.

This picture (taken by Elizabeth George) shows 15 of the 22 persons who attended the workshop. I am happy to say that we had both public school choral directors and church choral directors who are non-AGO members attend the workshop. Events like this that raise our visibility with other musicians in our area and help promote the value of the AGO.

Our next three chapter events are ones where we can just enjoy wonderful music. Don’t miss the Three Organ Spectacular, the Concordia Choir performance or the Rising Star recital by Audrey Thomas. These are great opportunities to get better acquainted with your colleagues in our chapter.

Bradley Swope, Dean