I hope you have been watching our own Clearwater AGO “12 Days of Christmas Organ Festival.” The performances are wonderful and the audio/video quality is impressive! Make yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy this excellent sampling of the talents of our members. Many thanks to Shawn Thomas for his hours of recording and editing – I wish I could confer on him an honorary degree in broadcasting.

2020 was certainly a year for trying new things out of necessity. We now live stream from multiple cameras at my church every week. A year ago, I would have laughed out loud if you had suggested to me that I would be in charge of such a project. Many of you also had to adapt in unexpected ways at home and work. It was both frustrating and exciting to be forced to learn some new skills.

We also have our own stories of pain and loss. My sister’s father-in-law died of COVID-19 less than a week after contracting it at a church event in Indiana. The even more sudden death of Rosemary Collins is a shocking tragedy for her family, Clearwater High School and Trinity Presbyterian. Please stay in touch with people you know who have suffered loss this year. This type of grief takes a long time to heal.

So with gratitude for all you have done for others in 2020 and all you will continue to do in 2021 to keep music and worship alive in your schools and houses of worship, I wish you a happier and better New Year. My own wish is to be able to restart our choirs by September, maybe even earlier.

Bradley Swope, Dean