Groundhog Day!

Today is Groundhog Day, and I must admit that I am already several days late writing this month’s Dean’s Message. The movie Groundhog Day is certainly one of my favorite movies of all time, but I will not get to watch it tonight as I am obviously behind on too many projects.

There have been some excellent accomplishments for the AGO during this difficult year. There is a wealth of new video resources on the national AGO website and YouTube pages. A brand new one is called: “Know Your Value: Introducing the AGO’s New Employment Guide for Musicians.” This replaces the Salary Guidelines, which had to be removed due to objections from the U. S. Labor Department. Here is the link for the webinar, which occurred just a few days ago.

Know Your Value Webinar Presented by the American Guild of Organists

In other news, I just can’t help myself from commenting on the price of Super Bowl tickets this coming Sunday at Raymond James. Perhaps in some alternate universe organists are commanding $20,000 or more per ticket for a recital or competition, but that is certainly a pipedream here (sorry!). Nevertheless, I thank all of you for your tireless efforts on behalf of your churches, schools, students, families and neighbors. Keep up the good work even though it is not financially lucrative. The Kansas City Conference of the United Methodist Church challenged our Gulf Central Conference to a Souper Bowl Food Challenge, so you can drop off non-perishable food at your local United Methodist Church if you wish to help win that challenge for Tampa Bay this weekend.

If I wake up tomorrow and it’s February 2 again, I guess I will just have to write a new article. Take care, everyone.

Bradley Swope, Dean