I am really looking forward to Easter after what seems like a full year of Lent. We have deprived ourselves of visiting loved ones and singing together. We have lamented over more than half a million deaths from COVID-19 in our nation, yet I have seen many of you rise to the occasion of keeping worship going in new ways. Our chapter has had some excellent virtual events, but just today it was such a joy to have a board meeting where we began talking about “normal” chapter activities in the fall! This is a new way of experiencing the joy of resurrection, as our lives begin to bloom again. Thank you all for the many things you are doing right now to bring a much needed Easter to your congregations.

I am also glad to report that our upcoming slate of officers has three new names on it! Our national AGO leaders have been encouraging all chapters to invite persons into leadership who have not served before. This is another great example of new life and energy taking root. The new board assignments are published in this newsletter and we will have an installation service in May. Many thanks to our Nominating Committee:
Priscilla Ortoski, chair; Cheryl Brouette and Kevin Johnson.

Blessings and joy to you all,
Bradley Swope, Dean