From the Dean

I’m sorry to say that 124,000 was not the number of persons who attended Pipescreams, but it is the current number of views on YouTube in one week since National Cathedral Organists Tom Sheehan and George Fergus posted their duet video of “Baby Shark.” If you haven’t seen it, here it is:

While no one would claim the song is a masterpiece of music literature, the video is fun, clever and presents a clear view of how the organ is played in less than two minutes. Wearing the Washington Nationals baseball hats and jacket was an excellent shout out to the home team hoping to win the World Series. Let’s not stop learning and performing the Bach Passacaglia, of course, but we should remember to be creative and make people laugh and smile with our music — which brings me right back to Pipescreams. As always, it was a wonderful program of serious music, spooky music, costumes, and Halloween “Scarols.” I will personally never get tired of listening to Rossini’s Cat Duet! My thanks to Stephen Allen, Frederica Peebles and the staff at First Presbyterian Church. Bravo to all the performers for their skill and good humor. It was a great night!

Bradley Swope, Dean

P.S. Next year, we need more singers, especially men.